AGB – Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen EN

The use of the areas made available by Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH (including the jump arae, ninja parcours, escape rooms and the toddler area) generally involves risks. You use the facility at your own risk. To avoid injuries, our general terms of use must be observed and complied with. These are posted at the entrances and entrances. In addition, the instructions of the staff must be followed. If the instructions are disregarded and / or the terms of use are disregarded for one or more points, Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH reserves the right to evict the house, be banned from the house and take further steps at its own discretion without any claim to a refund of the entrance fee.


Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH does not accept any liability for property damage or personal injury, as well as loss of keys, ID cards or other documents, in particular in the event of non-compliance with the general terms of use or grossly negligent behavior. No outside food allowed: Only booked birthday packages are an exception; you may bring cakes and / or cake pops.

Every guest who uses the trampoline area and / or ninja area of ​​Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH must have a valid jump time tape for the entire duration of the jump time, which must be purchased at reception before use. Compliance with this obligation is checked by our staff. Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH reserves the right to claim damages in the event of rule violations.

The change received after payment must be checked immediately to ensure that it is correct. Later complaints are not possible.

Online bookings can only be made through our ticket partner "Roller". A cancellation of the booked tickets is only possible against voucher. If the booked event / the booked jump time is canceled / canceled, the amount paid will be refunded against voucher. SPECIAL CASE BIRTHDAY PACKAGES AND ESCAPE ROOMS: The binding appointment can be canceled free of charge up to 24 hours before the start time by phone or email. Late cancellation will result in cancellation fees. If you cancel later than 24 hours before the event, there will be a cancellation fee of € 50. In the event of an unexcused no-show, we reserve the right to charge the entire amount. Passing on or transferring purchased tickets is not permitted.

The use of the premises is permitted from the age of 3. Guests under 7 years of age are only allowed to jump in the company of a legal guardian who is also in possession of a valid jump ticket and who accompanies the under 7-year-old person (s) onto the area.

Without exception, guests under 18 require a waiver in and signed by a parent or legal guardian. We only accept our waiver on our website.

Pregnant women, people with health restrictions, people who cannot walk and stand independently due to a disability, as well as people with a body weight of over 115 kg are not permitted to jump. Jumping under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs is prohibited. The same applies to people who consume illegal intoxicants inside the building. In this case, there is no entitlement to a refund of the admission price already paid.

There is an absolute ban on smoking and alcohol in all areas of the Funpark Kaiserslautern.

Headgear (hats, baseball caps, etc.) and scarves are not allowed due to the risk of accidents and must be removed before jumping. Headgear for religious reasons can be left on at your own risk.

All trousers and jacket pockets must be emptied before jumping. Jewelry, watches, cell phones, belts with rivets and glasses must also be removed. Objects such as balls or other play and sports equipment that you have brought with you are prohibited!

It is forbidden to put clothing, cups, bottles, bags or other objects on the trampoline arena and / or on the access area, the escape routes and on or in front of the emergency exit doors!

The use of cell phones, cameras, video cameras, action cams, etc. is prohibited in the entire jump arena. In the event of a violation, the system will be referred from the facility without reimbursement of the entrance fee! Body cams are only allowed if they are worn correctly (firmly attached to the body at chest height) and must not pose a risk to the wearer himself or to other jumpers!

Food and drinks are not permitted anywhere on the trampoline. It is not allowed to eat during the jumping time. The mouth must always be empty (also no chewing gum)

The jumping surfaces may only be used with our jumping socks that are offered for sale and manufactured for the purpose of using our trampoline hall. Gym slippers, sneakers or standard rubber-trimmed socks are not permitted for accident prevention reasons. The use of the ninja area with short-sleeved shirts and shorts increases the risk of injury and is not recommended.

Only one person is allowed per trampoline. Playing around, running, attacking, pushing or catching is not allowed. Jumping or somersaults over the covers or from trampoline to trampoline is not permitted. Please leave the trampoline area for necessary breaks and never sit on the trampoline surfaces or covers.

Jumping from the jump tower is only permitted alone, not in pairs or in groups. All sporting tricks and activities are carried out at your own risk and should therefore only be practiced with a healthy assessment of your own physical abilities and, of course, without endangering others.

Climbing up the sloping trampoline walls, the side walls and nets is prohibited. Jumping over 1.30m on the side trampolines (marking) is at your own risk! Jumping from the jump wall onto the trampoline is not permitted due to the high risk of accidents. During the entire jumping time, it is imperative to ensure that others are considerate and that they are not endangered by uncontrolled action at any time.

Use of the gladiator's bar is at your own risk. The distances to the walking area are limited to 2 m on the sides. Jumping from the gladiator beam into the cube pool is prohibited, and pushing off when falling is also prohibited.


Digging holes or rummaging through the foam pits is not permitted for safety and hygiene reasons. In the event of an infringement, we reserve the right to charge for personnel and cleaning costs incurred.


Using the Wipe-Out (Twister) poses a particular risk. Therefore, pushing and suddenly stopping the carousel is not permitted.


In the event of danger or an accident, the marked emergency exits must be used - the elevator is not an emergency exit.


In the event of an accident, our staff must be informed immediately so that proper documentation can be carried out.


The use of the clothes lockers takes place against a deposit. The user is responsible for the key. Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH is not liable for keys or the locker room. We do not assume any liability for locker room and other items of any kind brought with you.

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Wed 10:30am - 2pm, Sat 09:30am - 12:00pm and Sun 10:30am - 12:00pm only Minijump for Toddler from 1-6 years.

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