AGB – Allgemeine Geschäftsbedingungen EN

T&Cs – Terms and Conditions of Business for Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH

I. General Conditions of Use

  1. The following Terms and Conditions of Business alone govern the business relationship between Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH and the customer.
  2. There are inherent risks involved when using the areas provided by Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH (including the trampoline court, Ninja course, escape rooms and the toddler zone). Use of the facilities is at your own risk. You must respect and abide by our Conditions of Use in order to prevent injury. You will also find them displayed at the entrances and access points. You must follow the instructions from staff above and beyond this. Eventpark Kaiserslautern reserves the right at any time to expel and/or ban from the premises anyone who fails to follow instructions and/or to abide by the Conditions of Use in one or more points and the right to take further steps at its own discretion, without entitlement to a refund of the admission price.
  3. Patrons are entitled to use all the amenities that are provided for all patrons to the Funpark on the relevant day. They have no entitlement to complete and uninterrupted operation of all attractions. Disruptions or even the malfunction of individual attractions for a whole day do not constitute a defect. If the amenities are not used for the period of validity of the ticket, patrons are not entitled to reimbursement of the purchase price or granting of admission on a different day.
  4. Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH has the right to enforce house rules. Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH is entitled to expel or ban people from the premises or to take other suitable measures under the house rules. In particular, patrons can be expelled from the premises if they are causing an annoyance to other patrons or have breached the Terms and Conditions of Business or the rules for users in any other substantial manner or have done so repeatedly.
  5. It is strictly forbidden to bring food with you. An exception to this is our birthday packages that can be booked in advance. You are permitted to bring cakes and/or cake pops when you book a birthday package.
  6. Any patron who uses Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH’s trampoline court and/or Ninja course must have a valid jump session wristband for the entire jump session; you need to purchase this wristband at the reception desk before using the facilities. Our staff ensure that this obligation is complied with. In the event of a violation of the rules, Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH reserves the right to claim for damages.
  7. Make sure you have been given the correct change immediately after you pay. It is not possible to lodge a complaint later on.
  8. Online reservations can only be made via our ticketing partner “Roller”. Booked tickets can only be cancelled in return for a credit voucher. If the booked event / booked jump session is cancelled/called off, the amount paid will be reimbursed in the form of a voucher.  EXCEPTION: BIRTHDAY PACKAGES AND ESCAPE ROOMS: A binding reservation can be cancelled by phone or email at no charge up to 24 hours prior to the start time. Late cancellation will result in cancellation fees. If cancellation is made later than 24 hours prior to the event, a cancellation fee of €50 will be charged. In the event of failure to attend without giving prior notification (no show), we reserve the right to charge the entire amount.
  9. Sharing or transferring purchased tickets is not permitted.
  10. Use of the facilities is permitted for those above the age of three (3). Children under the age of seven (7) may only jump if supervised continuously by an adult known to them. Children under the age of seven (7) do not have enough experience yet to be able to judge their own skill levels and do not know how to recognize danger in good time. The person accompanying the child helps them to keep the resulting higher risk of injury to a minimum by intervening and taking action. Children under the age of three (3) should only jump in the mini jump in an especially well-protected atmosphere.
  11. Patrons under the age of 18 require, without exception, a consent form that has been correctly completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian or an authorized adult of legal age. We only accept our consent forms as provided on the premises or on our website; we do not accept individually worded letters.
  12. Please use the marked emergency exits in the event of danger, fire or accident – the elevator is not an emergency exit.
  13. Clothes lockers can be used in return for a deposit. Users themselves are responsible for the keys. Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH is not liable for the keys or the deposit for the keys. We do not assume liability for clothing and other objects of any type whatsoever that you may have brought with you, unless loss has been caused through gross negligence or intent on the part of Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH.

II. Use of the jumping facilities

  1. Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH is liable under the provisions of statutory regulations for damages resulting from injury to body or health and for damages that are caused through intent or through gross negligence.
  2. For other damages that result from a simple negligent breach (ordinary negligence) of material contractual obligations, Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH assumes liability limited to compensation for damages that could usually be reasonably foreseen at the time the contract was concluded. Material contractual obligations are obligations, the breach of which puts achievement of the contractual purpose at risk, the very fulfilment of which allows for proper performance of the contract and the compliance with which the Client may with good reason have confidence in and rely on. In other respects, claims by patrons for damages, which arise irrespective of which legal basis, indirectly or directly in connection with use of the trampoline park, are excluded, unless otherwise stipulated in the following.
  3. Pregnant women, people with health conditions, people who are unable to walk and/or stand independently because of a disability, and people who weigh over 120 kg are not allowed to jump. Jumping while under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs is forbidden. The same applies to people who consume illegal drugs inside the building. In this case, there is no entitlement to reimbursement of the admission price that has already been paid. Smoking and alcohol are strictly forbidden in all areas of Funpark Kaiserslautern.
  4. Head coverings are not permitted on the sports equipment in our parks for reasons of safety. They can pose a danger to the patron themself or to other patrons (such as getting accidentally trapped or caught, obstructing vision, strangulation or loss of pins). An exception is made for head coverings that are worn for religious reasons, provided they are intended for physical exercise (e.g. sports headscarves) and that they otherwise meet safety requirements (e.g. not attached with pins, do not slip out of place). Long hair should be tied back in a braid.
  5. Empty all pants and jacket pockets before jumping. Also remove jewelry, watches, cell phones, belts with studs, and eyeglasses. Objects such as balls or other play and sports equipment brought by patrons are strictly forbidden! Apart from damage to the objects brought by patrons, there is a risk in this case of severe injury such as torn pierced ear lobes or piercing holes, heavy blows in the facial region, in particular to the eyes or damage to teeth, chipped teeth, fingers catching in jewelry or belts with corresponding injuries (bent, broken or dislocated fingers).
  6. It is strictly forbidden to leave clothing, cups, bottles, bags or other objects in the trampoline arena and/or in the access area, the escape routes and on or in front of the emergency doors! These could cause trip hazards or prevent rescue efforts and block escape routes.
  7. Use of cell phones, cameras, video cameras, action cameras or similar is prohibited in the entire jumping arena. Non-compliance will result in expulsion from the premises without reimbursement of the admission price. Body cams are only permitted if worn in the correct manner (attached firmly to the body at chest height) and may not pose any danger to the wearer themself or other people who are jumping.
  8. Food and drinks are not permitted anywhere in the entire trampolining center. Eating is not permitted during the jump session. This ban also applies to chewing gum or other candy. Make sure your mouth is always empty, as otherwise there is a risk of severe physical harm or injuries, in particular choking on swallowed remnants of food. Make sure that your tongue does not get between your teeth when you jump, otherwise there is a risk of painful injuries or loss of tissue. Also make sure that your teeth do not hit against each other when you are bouncing to prevent your teeth from being damaged.
  9. When entering the jumping areas, you can only wear the jump socks that we offer for sale and that have been made specially for use in our trampoline hall. Acro/gym slippers, sneakers or standard socks with rubber strips are not permitted for reasons of accident prevention. Using the Ninja section and the trampoline court when wearing short-sleeved shirts or shorts increases the risk of injury and is not recommended, since it can result in painful scrapes and grazes to the skin when climbing on the ropes and landing on the trampoline surface.
  10. Only one person is allowed per trampoline at all times. Otherwise, if more than one person is using the trampoline at the same time, there is a risk of severe and extremely serious injuries from the resulting catapult effect, particularly from people colliding, such as lacerations, damaged teeth or fractured skulls. Broken bones and paralysis or similarly serious injuries are possible if people jump on top of other people. For the same reason it is forbidden to romp around, run, tackle or push others, or play tag.
  11. Performing flips, somersaults or other trick jumps over the coverings or from trampoline to trampoline is not permitted. This may cause extremely serious injuries, such as injuries to ligaments and tendons, bone fractures, fractured skulls, spine injuries, broken necks, paralysis or death as a result of landing beside or between the trampoline surfaces or on unpadded areas.
  12. If you need a break, please make sure you leave the trampoline area and never sit on the trampoline surfaces or coverings under any circumstances. Otherwise it can result in collisions with other people who are jumping.
  13. Only one person at a time is permitted to jump from the Jump Tower; jumping in pairs or groups is forbidden. When you land, try to land with as large an area of the body as possible (e.g. your seat) Landing head-first or feet-first on the airbags (Jump Tower landing zone) is extremely dangerous. It can result in severe injury such as concussion, unconsciousness and facial injuries caused by the knee rebounding upon impact, or in injuries to joints and spine and bone fractures.
  14. Any sports tricks and activities are always at your own risk and should therefore only be performed after making a reasonable assessment of your own physical fitness and obviously without endangering others. The jumper must first familiarize themself with the trampoline before performing trick jumps or flips. Performing trick jumps and flips on the trampoline is especially dangerous, even for experienced jumpers. We draw your attention to the fact that it can result in severe and extremely serious injuries, such as, in particular, facial injuries caused by the knee rebounding upon impact, and in injuries to tendons or ligaments. It can also result in bone fractures, fractured skulls, spinal injuries, broken necks and even paraplegia.
  15. It is forbidden to climb up the angled trampoline walls, the side walls and netting. Jumping over 1.30 m (marking) on the side trampolines is at your own risk! Jumping from the Jump Wall onto the trampoline is not permitted due to a serious risk of accidents. It is imperative that you are mindful and show consideration for other people whenever you are jumping and that you do not put them in danger at any time through uncontrolled actions.
  16. Use of the Gladiator Beam is at your own risk. The distance from the walkways is limited to 2 m at the sides. It is forbidden to jump from the Gladiator Beam into the Foampit; pushing off when falling is also forbidden as it increases the risk of injury.
  17. Making holes or digging around in the Foampit is not permitted for reasons of safety and hygiene. We reserve the right to charge for any ensuing expenses for staff and cleaning in the event of non-compliance. Diving into the Foampit head or feet-first is extremely dangerous. When you land, try to land with as large an area of the body as possible (e.g. your seat) Leave the jumping and landing zone immediately so that there is no risk of injury through collisions with other jumpers. 
  18. Use of the Wipe-Out (Twister) involves a particular risk. Only trained staff are allowed to operate the Twister. Patrons are not allowed to operate it manually, e.g. by pushing the Twister beam. Extremely serious injuries may occur even when operated in accordance with good professional practice. There is a risk of blows or jolts or pinching. Always stay in the middle of the trampoline when jumping. Do not leave the trampoline while still bouncing. Jumping on the frame can result in acute injuries such as bone fractures, concussion, spinal injuries, paralysis or death despite the padded coverings. You are not allowed to run from one trampoline to another inside the Twister.
  19. If an accident occurs, inform our staff immediately so that we can complete documentation accurately.

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