Please note: Wed and Thu the pre-sale ends one day before the desired date and Fri - Sun one hour before!

The 5 Escape Rooms at the Fun Park Kaiserslautern are open.
Minimum age: 12 yrs!
Attention! Some rooms may only be played from 16+/18+ 
65.00 € per room for 2 people and 10.00 € for each additional person (max. 6 people possible per room)

Level of difficulty: hard

minimum Age for "Jack the Ripper" is 16

London, 1888. Another murder happened this night, also in Whitechappel.
The Ripper striked again and people are frightened, almost no one is on the streets.

Except of you. If the clues that you have in your hands are correct, tonight everything will end. Or no? It’s up to you.


Level of difficulty: easy

family friendly - should be played with at least 3 people

An escape game inside a realistic Spaceship. Extremely technologically advanced features and games.

Two years passed since Lancer 19A, disappeared and the War for the Galaxy Control, has became a War to Protect our Planet from invasion. Lancer 19A was the bastion of Earth’s Battle Space Fleet, when mysteriously, its trace got lost…until last week, where the trace reappeared! Lancer was spotted in the middle of an Asteroid Field and you are the team that EBSF, is sending you inside a space capsule, to retrieve the spaceship, investigate the reasons of its disappearance and fly safely out of the asteroids and back to Earth!



Level of difficulty: easy

family friendly

 Immerse yourself in the ancient world of Egypt and solve the puzzle

 Now you have reached the main hall. If you open this door,
you can find out the secret of the great Pharaoh. But be careful! If you stay longer than an hour here, his curse will come upon you forever.


Level of difficulty: medium

An adventure inside an old abandoned Reactor.

This year, you and your friends decided to go for your annual holiday trip, in a cabin deep into the Krakov forest. The first day was a little bit boring, but then one of you discovered an abandoned Reactor in the woods. You are ready to live the most fascinating adventure of your life.  Your adventure becomes a race to escape from this creepy place ASAP! Beware! The available oxygen seems to be for one hour so…. hurry up.

Level of difficulty: hard

Minimum age for "Maniac" ist 18

Inspired from the famous movie series, this room will awake all your insticts for survival.

You wake up in the dark, something feels terribly wrong. Your fears are realized when you hear a voice saying “I want to play a game”. You’re sitting in the case of Jigsaw and you know that everything is against you. Your only chance to survive is to follow his crazy missions and find the right time to escape! The time is running…

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Holidays: from 11:30 am

Please note!!!  Wed 10:30 am - 1:00 pm, Sat 9:30am - 12:00pm and Sun 10:00am - 12:00pm only Minijump for Toddler from 1-6 years.

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