I am aware that use of the amenities provided in the operator’s facilities inherently involves risks. I have been informed of the rules for users listed below for the prevention of injuries. I accept these rules as binding.

Furthermore I will comply promptly with all instructions given by the operator or its staff. I am aware that I may be expelled from the premises without entitlement to reimbursement of the admission price if I fail to comply with instructions.

Use of the amenities is at my own risk. I am aware that the operator only assumes liability for personal injury, damage to property or financial loss –except for damages from injuries to life, limb and health – in the case of intent or gross negligence by the operator, a legal representative or one of its vicarious agents.

I am aware that the operator assumes no liability for the user’s clothing or other personal belongings if they are lost or damaged, insofar as the damage is not the result of intent or grossly negligent breach of obligation by the operator, a legal representative or one of its vicarious agents. This also applies to vehicles parked in the parking lots. The operator is not liable for force majeure and unforeseeable circumstances and for defects that are not immediately recognized despite exercising due care.

I declare that I assume liability for damage caused to the facilities or objects belonging to the operator or to third parties or to the health of third parties through the fault of myself, my children or individuals under my supervision.

I have been assigned the duty of parental supervision for the children under the age of 18 that I am accompanying and I have read the Conditions of Use aloud to them and explained them.

Insofar as I am not the sole person with parental authority for the children listed here, I confirm that I have the authority to conclude this waiver.

I am aware that the operator saves the data I have provided. Data is treated in confidence and only used for the operator’s own purposes. Data is not shared with third parties.

I consent to the processing of my personal data for the purpose of liability. All data are collected only for the intended purpose and treated in accordance with the law governing data protection. The legal basis is Art. 6 Subsection 1 b) and f) of the General Data Protection Regulation [DSVGO]. You can find further information on data protection and your rights at https://www.funpark-kl.de/en/privacy-policy

All information and consents are valid until revoked. I can submit this revocation to the operator at any time using the contact details provided.

I have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions of Business (T&Cs) of Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH.


Rules for users

Safety briefing/safety sheet
In addition to these rules for users and before using the activity facilities, the T&Cs from Eventpark Kaiserslautern GmbH, the safety precautions on the screens and instructions from staff should be carefully followed and observed. They are primarily intended to help prevent accidents and are thus in the interest of your own safety. Failure to observe them entails a risk of grievous injury, paralysis or death for you and others. You must follow instructions from staff promptly and at all times.

One jumper per trampoline
It is strictly forbidden for two or more people to jump on one trampoline mat. For this reason it is forbidden to walk, run or jump on trampoline mats that are already occupied. Synchronized jumping or “catapulting” (double bouncing) in particular is dangerous. It may result in grievous injuries, paralysis or death.

Pay attention to the jumping zone and edges of the trampoline
Always stay at the center of the trampoline surface when jumping. Do not leave the trampoline by bouncing off. Performing flips, somersaults or other trick jumps over the coverings or from trampoline to trampoline is not permitted. This may cause extremely serious injuries, such as injuries to ligaments and tendons, bone fractures, fractured skulls, spine injuries, broken necks, paralysis or death as a result of landing beside or between the trampoline surfaces or on unpadded areas.

No shoving, pushing or jostling
Show consideration and watch out for other jumpers. Disturbing other jumpers on the trampolines may put them in great danger when they land. For these reasons it is forbidden to romp around, run, tackle or push others, or play tag. It is imperative that you are mindful and show consideration for other people whenever you are jumping and that you do not put them in danger at any time through uncontrolled actions.


Flips and dangerous tricks
Flips and other tricks are dangerous! Performing tricks beyond your own skill levels can result in landing wrongly, e.g. on your head or neck. It may result in grievous injuries, paralysis or death. Only very experienced jumpers should perform tricks of this kind. Assess your skill levels realistically so you don’t put yourself and others in danger.

Children under the age of 7 only under supervision
Children under the age of seven (7) may only jump if supervised continuously by an adult who is known to them and has a valid jump session wristband. Children under the age of seven (7) do not have enough experience yet to be able to judge their own skill levels and do not know how to recognize danger in good time. The person accompanying the child helps them to keep the resulting higher risk of injury to a minimum by intervening and taking action.

Take care of your health
Pregnant women, people with health conditions, people who are unable to walk and/or stand independently because of a disability, and people who weigh over 120 kg are not allowed to jump. If you suffer from back, heart or other problems such as asthma or diabetes consult your doctor beforehand.

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted
Using the trampoline areas while under the influence of alcohol and drugs is forbidden.

The jump surface is not intended for lying or resting on
You can take a break outside the jump surfaces, e.g. on lounge furniture or other seating.

No climbing!
It is forbidden to climb up or hang from walls and netting and to touch the basketball equipment.

Socks are mandatory!
When entering the jump areas, you may only wear the jump socks that we offer for sale and that have been made specially for use in our trampoline hall. Acro/gym slippers, sneakers or standard socks with rubber strips are not permitted for reasons of accident prevention Using the Ninja section and the trampoline court when wearing short-sleeved shirts or shorts increases the risk of injury and is not recommended, since it can result in painful scrapes and grazes to the skin when climbing on the ropes and landing on the trampoline surface.

Wear suitable clothing
Clothing should be without hanging zippers, loops/straps or ribbons/ties. Hearing or vision aids should be removed or they must be designed so that they cannot come away from your face/head when jumping. It is forbidden to wear head coverings of any kind. Remove jewelry and piercings; empty your pockets beforehand. If you have long hair, tie it back in a braid. Using the Ninja section and the trampoline court when wearing short-sleeved shirts or shorts increases the risk of injury and is not recommended, since it can result in painful scrapes and grazes to the skin when climbing on the ropes and landing on the trampoline surface.

Foreign objects
Empty all pants and jacket pockets before jumping. Also remove jewelry, watches, cell phones, belts with studs, and eyeglasses. Objects such as balls or other play and sports equipment brought by patrons are strictly forbidden! Apart from damage to the objects brought by patrons, there is a risk here of severe injury. It is forbidden to jump with objects such as keys, cell phones, cameras etc. This can also result in severe injuries.

No food or drinks
Food and drinks as well as chewing gum and candy are forbidden at all times in the jumping area and Ninja Course. It is strictly forbidden to bring food with you.

Foampit / Angled Trampoline
Backflips in the Foampit are forbidden. When you land in the Foampit, try to land with as large an area of the body as possible (e.g. your seat). Diving head or feet first may result in severe injury, paralysis or death. Making holes or digging around in the Foampit is not permitted for reasons of safety and hygiene. Leave the jumping and landing zone immediately so that there is no risk of injury through collisions with other jumpers. 

When you land in the Airbag, try to land with as large an area of the body as possible (e.g. your seat). This is why jumping into the Airbag requires good physical control and jumping skills. Only experienced jumpers may perform flips. Diving head or feet-first, or at a sharp angle, may result in severe injury, paralysis or death.

Battle Beam (Gladiator Beam)
It is forbidden to strike people on their necks or heads. The aim is to make your opponent lose their balance by striking them skillfully below their shoulders and cause them to fall. It is forbidden to jump from the Gladiator Beam into the Foampit/Airbag; pushing off when falling is also forbidden as it increases the risk of injury.

Jump Wall
The Jump Wall trampoline is an attraction with especially dynamic rebound properties and may only be used by experienced jumpers. Jumping from the Jump Wall onto the trampoline is not permitted due to a serious risk of accidents. Performing flips is forbidden at all times. Otherwise it may result in grievous injuries, paralysis or death.

Wipe-Out (Twister)
Only trained staff are allowed to operate the Twister. Patrons are not allowed to operate it manually, e.g. by pushing the Twister beam. Extremely serious injuries may occur even when operated in accordance with good professional practice. You are not allowed to run from one trampoline to another inside the Twister.

Jump Tower
Only one person at a time is permitted to jump from the Jump Tower; jumping in pairs or groups is forbidden. Try to land with as large an area of the body as possible (e.g. your seat). Landing head-first or feet-first on the Airbags (Jump Tower landing zone) is extremely dangerous. It can result in severe injury such as concussion, unconsciousness and facial injuries caused by the knee rebounding upon impact, or in injuries to joints and spine and bone fractures.

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